Many real estate agents are already familiar with the concept of lead generation. The technology has been around for decades and was used before the internet to help businesses find potential customers.

When you choose a real estate lead generation service, you want to choose the one that is going to produce the best quality leads for your business.

We have a list of lead generation companies that will help you draw in more clients and increase your real estate business.


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Market leader

We chose Market Leader because it offers leads from multiple sources, is easy to set up, and can be used by agents in all types of real estate firms. The company was founded in 1999 in Bellevue, Washington, and it still serves over 250,000 customers today. It offers guaranteed leads each month and sells them only once to keep them from being sold over and over.

Market Leader can help you grow your business with the following solutions:

Both buyer and seller leads

Marketing automation

Customizable website

Mobile app

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Getting started with Market Leader is easy. All you have to do is create a profile and then customize your alerts, and add and organize your contacts. Pricing varies based on how many leads you sign up for. The company also has professional services, including a fully integrated website, CRM, and marketing center. With this service, you can capture powerful insights in the CRM when visitors register on your website and use automated marketing to send relevant listings.

Its user-friendly platform lets you easily import your contacts, create targeted alerts, and schedule meetings. The company is known for its exclusive leads, but some agents do report having trouble with support and unreliable leads which might be ignored.

Bold leads

Based in Arizona, Bold Leads has helped over 6,000 real estate agents get their businesses off the ground. It offers a range of features for producing great leads, which makes it our runner-up.

Bold Leads offers many features, including:

Buyer and seller leads

Automated follow-ups

Software coaching, like video training

An all-in-one platform with its own CRM

Text concierge and email templates

Lead engagement indicator tools


Zurple is a real estate marketing software that handles the tracking and management of leads and properties. With the ability to create custom forms, track emails, optimize your ads, and use customizable outreach templates, It streamlines the process of contacting leads and also simplifies ongoing communication about your listings with clients by creating personalized emails when you can’t be there to personally meet with them.

Some of Zurple’s features include:

Buyer and seller leads

Automated, personalized, and data-driven emails from your email address 

Integration with Zillow, Trulia, and


Complete the online profile of each lead

Lead contact alerts

It helps you find and contact buyers and sellers. It notifies you if they’re new on your website, and it integrates with Zillow, Trulia, and It asks questions to fill out customers’ profiles automatically.

Zillow premium Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is a notable real estate lead generation company for finding buyers because it offers leads that are generated directly by Zillow, most of which are buyer leads. It’s part of the real estate powerhouse Zillow Group, which was founded by former Microsoft executives in Seattle, Washington, in 2006. It’s the most well-known real estate lead generation company on our list.

We’re reviewing the best real estate lead generation companies for finding buyers. Zillow Premier Agent is one of our choices because it provides buyer leads, most of which are generated directly by Zillow. The first site many potential homebuyers use. Real estate agents pay for placement on certain pages, including placement on listings and personalized websites. So customers browsing for homes will see the agent’s contact information. This is different from how the other companies work.

Zillow Premier Agent has many helpful features, including:

Buyer and seller leads by zip code (mostly buyer leads)


Customer support and training

Call scripts

Personal webpage

Branding across Zillow’s sites

Marketing templates

You can get started with Zillow Premier Agent by getting in touch with a member of their support team. They’ll talk about your marketing budget, desired area, and the level of competition to find the right package for you. There’s no monthly minimum or signup fee, and pricing varies depending on the area, average home price, and the number of competing agents in that area.


Offrs has a proprietary predictive analytics tool that helps identify homeowners who are likely to sell their homes in the near future and connects them with real estate agents. The site was founded in 2014 by Constellation Data Solutions Inc. 

It is a cheaper and better way to buy leads than other sources because it includes home evaluations and predictions for when your customers will want to sell. has partnered with industry-leading agencies to provide you with the leads you need when you need them. With licensed agents from across the country, It provides the best chance of finding a buyer for your clients and earning more sales. 

This online tool can predict future sellers, so if you have a real estate business or a passion for helping homeowners, this is an invaluable resource to nurture new relationships and build your business.

Offrs has the following features:

Seller leads (current and predicted) 


For sale by owner leads

Expired listing leads

Apps to access leads and location-based homeowner data

Template builder

To get started with Offrs, contact a broker or sales professional for a free 30-minute consultation. You’ll learn about the software and how to set up a lead generation system and apps. For big brokerages, Offrs also offers custom options.

Zoho CRM

Our top lead generation company for social media is Zoho. We love it. It’s helpful, it’s easy to use, and it works. It was founded in 1996 as a cloud-based business software company and has grown from there. It has been used by multiple industries including real estate, small businesses, and retail. Zoho offers a free trial, and if you decide to use it, you can do so for a month without making any payments. After that first month, you can choose one of the three plans offered: Free Starter, Business Essentials, or Business Pro.

It has the app, live chat, and email support and can be used to generate leads on social media and from websites.

 It will help you grow your business by using social media. It is a flexible tool that automates parts of the sales process and helps you track everything from lead information to sales volume. The company has been around since 1996 and has multiple offices in the US and India.

Some of Zoho’s features include:

Buyer and seller leads, as well as sales, lead for other industries

Social media and email lead capture

Predictive analytics

Customized reports

Management tools to assist with assigning leads

Real estate CRM and marketing tools

Zoho offers only one free plan, but there is a limited version available in a free trial version. Customers who want to use Zoho for marketing purposes appreciate its marketing tools and its feature set, while those who require complicated integrations or high availability rely on third-party products that work well with Zoho.


REDX is our most inexpensive option because you pay for only what you need. You don’t have to pay any setup fees, which means no extra charges, even if you choose the most expensive package. Its low monthly rates help you save money and combine leads from multiple offices to give your business the best coverage possible. REDX was established in 2003 when two real estate agents figured out a way to provide expired leads to their colleagues. Now it has grown into an industry leader that provides sellers, specifically those who are looking to sell their homes quickly, with a simple and easy way to reach interested buyers. Every seller lead is guaranteed contact information.

REDX features include:

Multiple types of real estate seller leads including expireds

Geo-focused leads

Full range of training and support

Prospecting platform

Help with lead conversions and lead management systems

Leads are verified against active listings and the Do Not Call list

Scripts built into the system

REDX is a real estate lead-generating software that makes it easy for agents to find new clients. Agents can start using it right away by contacting customer support and watching tutorial videos for additional help. It is priced at $39.99 per month for FSBOs, $59.99 per month for leads, $59.99 per month for expired leads, and $79.99 per month for FRBOs. The Power Dialer has a few pricing options but costs $99.99 per month with a single line. There aren’t many reviews out there, but the ones that exist are positive and highlight that the expired leads are current and updated.

If you need help with your SEO and you want to sign up for REDX, there are a few options. For sale by owner (FSBO) leads, GeoLeads, expired leads, and pre-foreclosure leads cost $39.99 per month. A monthly Power Dialer package can be purchased for $99.99 with a single line.

Real Geeks

To get your business off the ground, check out Real Geeks, which follows the same strategy as BoldLeads and Market Leader by using Google, Facebook, and Instagram to drive traffic to landing pages that convert prospects into leads.

However, Real Geeks is different in that the landing pages that your prospects arrive at are ultra-personalized and customizable for you and your business. And once you actually capture leads, Real Geeks gives you some pretty sophisticated tools to distribute them across your organization, making it a great option for teams and brokerages.

Some of Real Geeks’ features include:

Great for teams and brokerages

More control over the ads run on your behalf (if you want it)

Lead capture widgets for your personal website to extend your reach

Smart Zip

SmartZip gathers contact information for hundreds of homeowners in an area who are most likely to be interested in selling their homes. This information is shared with local real estate professionals.

Its predictive analytics approach is more labor-intensive than Market Leader, BoldLeads, Real Geeks, and Zillow because they rely on outbound marketing rather than inbound marketing.

Some of Smart Zip features include:

A focus on seller leads

Predictive analytics makes your marketing more targeted

Customizable landing pages

Because it’s up to you to make the calls, send the mail, and connect with the leads on your SmartZip list, this format is more labor-intensive than the inbound strategies of Market Leader, BoldLeads, Real Geeks, and Zillow.

The software provides a much more efficient way to identify top-selling products in your market. Unlike REDX, SmartZip focuses on only the most profitable products in your market, so you get more bang for your buck. Pricing is determined by the size of your market.

There are a lot of companies out there that generate leads for your Real Estate Business. But it’s completely your choice to choose the right one and make the right decision

If you are currently looking for Real Estate Lead Generation Service to boost your Real Estate Business, Always feel free to Contact us

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